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Pet Collar & Upcycling Pet Toys

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Collar Size:15-19cm
Collar Color:Red
Toy Size:20×9cm

Sustainable Features

Sustainable Features

① Pet Collar
• Providing both pet fashion and function!
• Each collar is made with Italian vegetable leather and customizable with a name & emergency contact number.
• The cute bowtie decoration is really just an added bonus to make your pet look even that much more adorable
• Available in red, pink, orange, mustard yellow, turquoise blue,navy blue, dark purple, camel, brown, & black
• Size
⠀◦ For kittens & puppies: 15–19 cm around the neck
⠀◦ For Cats & Small Dogs: 20–30 cm around the neck

• After you have placed an order for the pet collar please email us at help@slowrecipe.com with the following details to finalize your customized pet collar:
1) order number
2) pet name for collar engraving
3) contact number for collar engraving (if desired)
• Please note that this product is non-refundable & not able to be canceled since each collar is individually customized.

② Upcycling Pet Toys
• Commercial plastic chew toys often contain potentially harmful substances for your canine or feline friend.
• Soon to be your dog's new favorite toy, 'Remetome''s dog plushies are not just adorable but also, environmentally conscious since they are repurposed from 5-star hotel 100% cotton bedding.
• Acting as a bit of enrichment, the sleeve around the bone plush is perfect for hiding a treat that your pet needs to work out to find!
• Size
M: 20×9 cm (puppies under 15 kg)
L: 30×13 cm (large dog over 15 kg)


• For inquiry into more products from HarrynMari or Remetome, please visit: http://harrynmari.co.kr/ or https://reme2me.com/

• If there is a product from HarrynMari or Remetome that is currently unavailable at SlowRecipe.com, please contact us at help@slowrecipe.com and we can try to procure the item for you.