Padding Bag
Padding Bag
Padding Bag
Padding Bag

Talitha Koum

Padding Bag

Sale price$30.00

• Lovely design with an added yellow color.
• Delicate point accents are highlighted with white dandelion embroidery, a signature material from Talitha Koum.
• When tightened, it forms a cute dumpling shape.
• Despite its small size, it offers efficient storage capacity for versatile daily use.
• 9.1 x 3.5 x 6.7 inch / Yellow

☑️ MIPAN regen
• Fiber made from recycled fishing nets, MIPAN regen
• Eco-friendly material, reducing petroleum-based raw material consumption, preserving natural resources, and decreasing energy consumption.
• Both the outer and inner linings use MIPAN regen material.
• Filled with soft cotton inside, it creates an adorable Padding Bag.