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Slow Recipe

Slow Recipe is
a sustainable lifestyle shop for your vegan and sustainable items.
We search for products that help us upgrade our everyday activities

to be more eco-friendly.


Slow Recipe searches for products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.
We want to encourage more brands and products to find alternative ways that help protect the environment, respect the well-being of animals, and benefit us.


At Slow Recipe, we check the ingredients of all our brands and make sure we can keep our promise with you. We also try it ourselves to make sure it is effective as it is sustainable.


Our goal is to find brands passionate about being eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free. We also aim to help those to receive global certification so that they can be recognized globally for their efforts and passion.

efilow collection

Mild irritant-free ingredients to provide comfort to the skin. It is non-irritating ingredients allow every one to use it without concern.

#Non-irritating #All ingredients EWG Green
#Free from 20 harmful substances


Our brand

Just the product I have been looking for!

Now I am using this everyday without any irritating feeling. Recommend this for those who are sensitive like me!

— Amazon Customer Review

Very minty and fresh

The oily ingredient makes my gum feel smooth.
Dual lid - Has mini measuring cup as the top lid which is convenient.

— Amazon Customer Review

It is worth the price!

I ordered this mouth wash, because the description says it doesn’t have strong taste. As advertised, it was less strong odor and taste. Best of all, the refreshing feeling in mouth lasted all day. I definitely will reorder it.

— Amazon Customer Review
Donggubat collection


#Sustainability #Natural ingredients

At Slow Recipe, we feature Donggubat's shampoo and conditioner bar soaps, body soaps, and soaps for children




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