Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit
Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit

Cupper Soap

Dishwashing 3 in 1 Kit

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Product Composition
Palm Oil Free Dish Soap (110g): A kitchen detergent that can be used for washing not only dishes but also fruits and vegetables.
Bamboo and Sisal Dish Scrub Brush: The brush features sisal bristles and a bamboo handle.
Biodegradable Loofah Cellulose Sponge: The white side is made from cellulose obtained from a biodegradable pulp, and the rough side is a loofah-based scrubber.

Let's check the ingredients of the dish soap:
Coconut oil, rapeseed oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide, coffee grounds, baking soda, sea salt, organic sugar, and non-GMO cornstarch.
All our ingredients are edible raw materials. Coffee grounds help suppress the inherent odor of the raw materials, and the coffee scent naturally dissipates during the maturation process. Abundant in oil, this dish soap prevents dry hands, making hand washing without rubber gloves possible. Our formula is free from palm oil associated with deforestation or child labor, and it contains no genetically modified ingredients.

① Fruit and Vegetable Wash
Versatile and effective, our dish soap goes beyond just dishwashing; it's perfect for confidently cleaning fruits and vegetables too. Employ the included scrub brush for thorough cleaning of grooved vegetables like bell peppers and celery. Say goodbye to concerns about detergent residue – we've got your cleaning needs covered.

② Clean Cold Water Rinse
Effortlessly eliminate food grease with the power of cold water. Ideal for situations without access to hot water or during outdoor activities, our dish soap excels in cutting through oils. Prioritize environmental protection by wiping surfaces, such as kitchen towels, after frying or cooking meat, and then proceed with washing.

③ Handwashing without Gloves
Effortlessly wash dishes without the hassle of bulky rubber gloves. Should your hands come into contact with food or grease during cooking, a swift wipe is all you need for a seamless cleanup experience.

④ Handmade
Our 'Soapers,' are both an aromatherapist and skilled soap-making artisans, who have invested immense dedication in handcrafting each soap. As a result, the surface of the soap exhibits delightful variations. Some may boast a three-dimensional rise, while others showcase distinctive marbling for a truly unique touch.

⑤ One Month Maturation
Benefiting from a patient waiting period of 4-5 weeks, our soap undergoes a transformative hardening process. Crafted through the Cold Process (CP), this soap demands maturation time to reach its peak efficacy. Packaged in a tin case, it strategically limits water exposure, ensuring prolonged usage and optimal performance.

⑥ Sustainability
The kitchen scrub brush is crafted from bamboo and sisal leaf fiber. The scrubber itself is entirely biodegradable, aligning with our commitment to earth-conscious solutions.

Why Solid?
Experience a dishwashing revolution with our solid detergent – a preservative and surfactant-free alternative to traditional liquid detergents. Embrace a healthier dishwashing experience without concerns about chemical residue.

Make a small yet impactful change in your habits for a step towards a healthier life. Switch to our solid detergent and bid farewell to residue worries.