HM+Barrier™ Brighteous Moisturizer
HM+Barrier™ Brighteous Moisturizer
HM+Barrier™ Brighteous Moisturizer
HM+Barrier™ Brighteous Moisturizer

Talitha Koum

HM+Barrier™ Brighteous Moisturizer

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• Moisture Barrier Cream designed to impart a bright and firm texture to your skin.
• Key characteristics: Moisturizing coal / Moisture barrier cream / Chiffon texture / Moisturized skin / Low-irritation whitening.
• Capacity: 50 ml
• After two weeks of use, tests showed a 12.8% improvement in skin elasticity. The active ingredients that enhance skin tension are effectively infused to provide a firmer skin texture.
• In just 7 days of use, subjects saw a 73.5% improvement in moisture barrier function. Brightening agents, along with moisture-activating natural ingredients, take care to achieve moisture-infused skin.
• This cream, enriched with moisture and nutrients, has a lightweight texture and applies smoothly, leaving your skin feeling fresh and velvety.

Brightening Solution
• White Dandelion Placenta Extract: Experience the power of Talitha Koum's proprietary barrier care patent ingredient. This extract not only soothes sensitive skin but also fortifies its natural strength, promoting a radiant and healthy complexion.
• Brightness Complex: Our innovative hypoallergenic triple brightening complex is your solution for achieving an even, luminous skin tone. Say goodbye to redness and uneven patches as this unique formula works its magic to reveal your skin's natural brilliance.

For Sensitive Skin
• Skin hypoallergenic test confirms 'non-irritating.'
• Sensitive Skin Fit Test Completed.