HM+Barrier™ Full Set
HM+Barrier™ Full Set
HM+Barrier™ Full Set
HM+Barrier™ Full Set

Talitha Koum

HM+Barrier™ Full Set

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Sustainable Features

Sustainable Features

🌿 HM+Barrier™
A rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A, B, B1, C, minerals, protein, and amino acids to bolster and reinforce the skin’s natural strength and moisture barrier.

🌿 White Dandelion
• We were inspired by the strength of dandelion spores despite their fragility of being blown away by the wind.
• We pursue healthy beauty with nature and hope everyone takes root in any environment like a dandelion.
• Talitha Koum promises sustainability by continuously extracting active ingredients through plant placenta cultivation without cutting down the flowers of white dandelions.
• A highly concentrated balm treatment infused with 39% natural oils and 15% skin-hydrating properties. Intensely nourishes, calms, and moisturizes skin while restoring the skin back from a dry, fragile and vulnerable state. Dermatologist-tested.

✨ What's inside:
① HM+Barrier™ Face Cleanser 150ml
⠀⠀• Natural surfactants : Non-irritating, moisturizing
⠀⠀• Glycerin & Sorbitol : Provides double hydration

② HM+Barrier™ Face Cream 50ml
⠀⠀• 1% Gceraplex™ : Promotes a healthy skin-barrier, enhances skin hydration, helps recover the skin from a vulnerable state
⠀⠀• Evening Primrose Oil : Hydrates and prevents skin- irritations caused by dryness
⠀⠀• Olive oil : Nourishes, moisturizes, soothes
⠀⠀• Betaine : Hydrates and calms

③ HM+Barrier™ Body Cleanser 300ml
⠀⠀• BioDTox™ : Contains citrus bioflavonoids, broccoli extract, and aloe leaf extract for its powerful anti-oxidizing, anti-pollution, and moisturizing effects.

④ HM+Barrier™ Body Balm 300ml
⠀⠀• Nilotica Shea butter : A rare type of East African shea butter harvested from 20-year-old trees. Rich in Vitamin A,E,F,K and catechins to offer a far superior skincare benefits than regular shea
⠀⠀• Evening primrose oil : Hydrates and prevents skin-irritation caused by dryness
⠀⠀• Olive oil : Nurtures and moisturizes
⠀⠀• Jojoba oil : Nourishes and moisturizes

⑤ HM+Barrier™ Multi Balm 9g
⠀⠀• Sunflower seed oil : Calms and helps protect skin from external stressors
⠀⠀• Coconut oil : Hydrates and prevents from dryness & flakiness
⠀⠀• Jojoba oil : Nourishes and moisturizes