Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"
Peace Bath Bomb Tablets  "Green Ritual"

Cupper Soap

Peace Bath Bomb Tablets "Green Ritual"

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• Cupper Soap Tablet Bath Bombs
The answer to all your bath bomb concerns! Say goodbye to worries about excessive color, large sizes, powder scattering, dryness, and portability!

• Effervescent Bath Bomb
Peace Bath Tablets "Green Ritual"
Just as "p.s." denotes a postscript added at the end of an email or letter, it also symbolizes adding a message. We've infused a desire to gift inner peace through bathing. The warm scent of soil, wood, and moist grass will gently envelop your tired body and mind, providing a serene meditation time. When dropped into warm water, it releases a forest-like warmth and a refreshing effervescence.
※ product contains 10 tablets

• Point 1. TPO Bath Bombs
Customize the fragrance, color, and foam of your bath according to your preference with Cupper Soap Tablet Bath Bombs! Freely adjust the scent, color, and foam based on your desired bathing experience. Use 1 tablet for a foot bath, 2-3 tablets for a half-body bath, and we recommend using 4 tablets or more for a full-body bath. You can even use 10 tablets at once in large hotel or resort bathtubs.

• Point 2. Travel Companion
Thanks to the slim and lightweight packaging, you can effortlessly take them with you when traveling or on a business trip, without any added burden. No need to cut bath bombs or put them in plastic bags; simply toss them into your bag for convenient portability.

• Point 3. Eco-Friendly Gift
To safeguard moisture-sensitive bath bombs, we've packaged them in biodegradable bags. Cupper Soap's biodegradable bags are eco-friendly certified, returning to nature with the assistance of microorganisms when disposed of as regular trash. The sturdy paper packaging can be creatively recycled as a case or pencil holder after using the bath bombs.

• Point 4. Shower Steamer
Fortunately, even if you don't have a bathtub at home, you can still enjoy bath bombs with a shower steamer. Place the tablet bath bomb on the shower floor and turn on the shower to experience the aromatic effects of the bath bomb fragrance mixed with the steam. It's a great way to achieve a sense of relaxation and uplift your mood.

• Point 5. High-Moisture Bath Bombs
Is your skin excessively dry? Both our effervescent and foaming bath bombs are infused with abundant high-moisture plant-based oils, including avocado oil, olive oil, and jojoba seed oil. After using the effervescent or foaming bath bombs, you'll experience smooth and moisturized skin.

• Point 6. Clean Bathtub After Bathing
Bathing is important, but what comes after is equally crucial. Tired of cleaning the bathtub every time? Cupper Soap bath bombs are designed to leave the bathtub clean. There's no need for additional bathtub cleaning, as there are no glitter or flower residues.

• Point 7. Tested for Sensitive Skin
No need to worry about sensitive skin; both the effervescent and foaming bath bombs have undergone sensitivity testing.