Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream
Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream
Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream
Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream
Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream

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Rosa Rugosa Fruit Multi Cream

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The All-in-One Cream
Tired of applying various products? Complete your skincare routine with a single cream that offers moisture, regeneration, nutrition, elasticity, and whitening. It is suitable for direct application on bare skin or after using toner, depending on your skin condition. This multi-cream condenses multiple skincare steps into one.

Point 1: All-Purpose Cream
Every morning, we are busy in front of the vanity—applying and patting repeatedly! Sometimes we fall behind, and sometimes we're just not in the mood. It's time to minimize the numerous cosmetics on your vanity. When you're in a hurry for a sudden appointment or need to go out, it’s easy to quickly apply it to your face.

Point 2: Robust Vitality of Rosa Rugosa Fruit
In the case of vitamin C, the fruit exhibited a higher concentration in stems and roots compared to leaves. Beta-carotene, a representative antioxidant, was more abundant in the fruits than in leaves.

Point 3: Moisturizing Guardian
If your skin looks rough, it may be due to insufficient moisture management. Especially during severe temperature changes or dry winters, it's essential to supply both moisture and oil adequately.

Point 4: A Scent that Comforts the Heart
Discover the profound meaning behind the citrus flower language – 'As you lead. Embrace life with confidence, allowing it to guide you on your journey. We've incorporated the hope that, during the brief moment of applying cream on your face in our busy daily lives, you take a moment to breathe. We wanted a scent that comforts and soothes the heart. The initial impression reveals a serene, forest-like aroma, seamlessly transitioning into a delicate floral fragrance. As time passes, notes of musk and amber delicately linger, leaving behind a refined and sophisticated aura. Immerse yourself in the experience of our cream's subtle fragrance

Point 5: Eco-Friendly Vegan Gift
Before founding Cupper Soap, I consulted on cosmetic products. The goal was to create luxurious-feeling products with a higher price range. However, I discovered that recycling glass cosmetics is challenging due to printing and corrosion processes. Even wine bottles are nearly impossible to recycle because of the color of the glass. The melting point of glass is 1,500°C, requiring higher temperatures during the manufacturing process than plastic or aluminum. This results in greenhouse gas emissions during the raw material melting process, and carbon emissions increase during transportation.

While reducing plastic production is fundamentally necessary, using single-material plastic (PP or PE) recycled materials is considered less harmful to the environment than mixing various materials. While also considering export factors we eventually were able to produce packaging using 100% PCR. PCR plastic stands for Post-Consumer Recycled, made from plastic that consumers have used. The tear-off box for gifts also utilizes recycled paper.