Smile Brightly Bundle
Smile Brightly Bundle
Smile Brightly Bundle

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Smile Brightly Bundle

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Sustainable Features

Sustainable Features

🌿 Discover our Smile Brightly Bundle, a thoughtfully curated collection designed with both your dental health and our planet in mind.

Expertly designed with eco-friendly principles, this collection seamlessly blends advanced oral care tools with a dedication to environmental well-being. Each component within this bundle is not only crafted for optimal oral hygiene but also selected for its minimal environmental footprint. Dive into a holistic oral care experience that champions both your health and the sustainability of our planet.

✨ What's inside:

① 「SODOWE」Vegan Oil-Pulling Mouthwash 9.4 oz
An oil pulling mouthwash that helps remove bacteria in the mouth to prevent bad breath and cavities while improving dental health.

② 「SODOWE」 Woodchip Toothbrush 6EA
DOUBLE-SIDED FINE BRISTLES : Lower layer bristles gently protect the gums while the upper layer bristles wipe and clean between the teeth.

③ 「SODOWE」 Woodchip triple Toothbrush 6EA (Random Color)
TRIPLE ULTRA FINE BRISTLES : More than 6,300 strands of triple-ultra-fine bristles can be found on each toothbrush for a more in-depth dental hygiene routine.

④ 「Slow Recipe」 Linen Pouch (11.8 X 15.7 inch)
All these treasures come in our useful Slow Recipe pouch.